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Our goal is to make our cities more livable through sustainable mobility. That's why, since 2021, we've been making the switch to cycling in everyday life easier than ever before: With our EDDI Bike all-inclusive subscription, we eliminate hurdles for you such as high purchase costs, maintenance costs, worries about theft and more. We make sure that you can get around the city safely and easily every day.

Das all-inclusive Bike für dein Unternehmen

- Urban Bikes im flexiblen Abomodell
- inkl. Service & Reparatur
- inkl. Ersatz bei Diebstahl
- inkl. Lichter, Reflektoren & Schloss
- Optional Korb und/oder Gepäckträger
- einfache Abwicklung durch EDDI
- individuelle Branding Optionen
- Nachhaltige Mobilität & aktiver Ausgleich
- Kostengünstige Verringerung des Co2 Fußabdrucks
- attraktive steuerlichen Vorteil

Our partners

Richard Krebs, ORF Head of Services I GFM 1

“In EDDI Bike we have found the perfect partner and the perfect product to cover the needs of all colleagues.”

Would you like to offer your employees EDDI bikes and e-bikes?

Contact us and we will get back to you with a tailor-made offer.

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