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No bike fits you better than the EDDI Bike. Perfect for the urban jungle and always by your side. We guarantee replacement in case of theft, repair, and maintenance – everything within 48 hours. The EDDI Bike is urban mobility on two white wheels. You enjoy the ride, we take care of the rest. Sound good? Then sign up now for your EDDI subscription and let's go!


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Sustainable change takes time. We change your cycling experience, you change the world. Get your EDDI Bike now & become part of our community.

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Pia R.
Super in love with my EDDI bike!!! 🤩 So easy to ride - perfect for the city! And any queries have always been dealt with really quick. Can only recommend!!!!
User-2 Avatar
Moritz M.
Cool bike, rides really well. Service was also extremely cool. Brought it over mega fast and in person too!
User-1 Avatar
Max H.
Been very straightforward processing - also stylish, reliable wheels at a really fair price! Would recommend to anyone. Great concept!!!!
User-0 Avatar
Rebekka N.
Perfect bike for the city, uncomplicated, fast and super nice delivery!

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In case of damage, you get in touch with us and we solve the problem within 48 hours.


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Reflective strip embedded in the tires

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Flat tires, defective gears and anything else which got on your last nerve up until now – with the EDDI bike subscription, these troubles are history. With our all-inclusive subscription, you get your EDDI bike delivered right to your doorstep: ready to ride, street legal & perfectly adjusted to you. Your EDDI bike stays with you as long as you like and you don't have to share it with anyone else. Should a problem occur at some point, it's no big deal: simply log in via the website and report the damage. EDDI gets you back on the road in less than 48 hours – at no extra cost.

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