What is EDDI?

It all started with an idea. The idea to actively shape the future of our cities instead of waiting for change to happen. To build a company with strong values to create a better world today.

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This idea became EDDI.

EDDI isecological

EDDI helps protect the environment and promotes climate-friendly mobility. Broken bicycles are not simply disposed of, instead EDDI repairs them and gets them back into circulation.

EDDI isdynamic

We live in an everchanging world. EDDI is constantly evolving to offer customers a service that is in tune with the times.

EDDI isdiverse

EDDI is committed to an inclusive and diverse society, because we believe that everybody is equal. EDDI integrates socially disadvantaged groups into the organization and supports social projects.

EDDI isinnovative

Identifying urban trends early on. Shifting away from purchasing and toward flexible use. EDDI is a trendsetter in the Future Mobility sector.

Why EDDI Bike?

The bicycle embodies the ideal combination of sustainable mobility and individual movement. You get around the city quickly and eco-friendly without taking up lots of space on the streets or being solely reliant on public transportation. In many respects, the bicycle is the ideal transportation means in urban areas – if it weren't for those pesky worries...

That's what EDDI Bike is for.

We share a collective vision: we believe in the potential
to change the world of urban mobility for the better.


Make the
first move.

Sustainable change takes time. We change your cycling experience, you change the world. Get your EDDI Bike now & become part of our community.


That's EDDI for you.